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When: Thursday, March 15, 2018

Who: Susannah J.Ural

Where: Covenant Presbyterian Church, 3003 Northland Drive


One of the most effective units to fight on either side of the Civil War, the Texas Brigade of the Army of Northern Virginia served under Robert E. Lee from the Seven Days Battles in 1862 to the surrender at Appomattox in 1865. In her fascinating non-traditional history Hood's Texas Brigade, Susannah J. Ural traces the experiences of these soldiers and their families to gauge the war's effect on them and to understand their role in the white South's struggle for independence.

According to Ural, several factors contributed to the Texas Brigade's extraordinary success: the unit's strong self-identity as Confederates; the respect among the junior officers and their men; a desire to maintain their reputation not just as Texans but as the top soldiers in Lee's army; and the fact that their families matched the men's determination to fight and win. The average Texas Brigade volunteer possessed an unusually strong devotion to the southern cause and was willing to fight far from his home to achieve it. He also displayed an unusual degree of allegiance to the slave system and counted on it to secure his future.

Here to give us an intimate picture of the Texas Brigade is distinguished Civil War historian Susannah J. Ural. Dr. Ural is professor of history and co-director of the Dale Center for the Study of War and Society at the University of Southern Mississippi. In addition to her history of Hood's Texas Brigade, she is the author of Donít Hurry Me Down to Hades: The Civil War in the Words of Those Who Lived It and The Harp and the Eagle: Irish-American Volunteers and the Union Army, 1861Ė1865. Please help us give Susannah a warm Austin welcome!

Program Location and Details

The meeting will be held at Covenant Presbyterian Church, 3003 Northland Drive. Covenant Presbyterian Church is located at the southeast corner of Northland Drive and Mopac Expressway (Loop 1). To reach Covenant via Mopac, take the RM 2222/Northland exit, then proceed east on Northland Drive. Covenant is on your immediate right.To reach Covenant via I-35, take the FM 2222 West, 238A exit. After you exit on the frontage road, proceed west on Koenig/2222. Head west through Lamar Blvd and Burnet Rd. After Burnet Rd, Koenig becomes Allandale Rd. After you cross Shoal Creek Pkwy, Allandale Rd becomes Northland Drive. Covenant is on Northland Dr on the left before you reach Mopac Expy.

Austin Civil War Round Table - Map of Covenant Church

6:30- 7:15 p.m.    Dinner and Socializing

7:15 - 8:45 p.m.    Announcements/Speaker

8:45 - 9:00 p.m.    Questions and Closing Remarks


Enchiladas, salad, dessert, tea and coffee. The cost will be $12. To attend the meeting only, the charge is $5 (For non-members, the first meeting is free, and subsequent meetings are $10).


Please RSVP by 12 Noon on Tuesday, March 13, by contacting Mike Watkins via telephone at (512) 970-5548. If you must cancel your reservation, you must do so at least 48 hours in advance or you will be responsible for the costs incurred. Also, please let us know if you are attending the meeting but do not plan to join us for dinner. Thanks!


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